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Free Shipping

Free Shipping

For your order to qualify for Free Standard Shipping, the order must meet all of the following requirements:

Every item in the order must be eligible for Free Standard Shipping.

      • Items that are eligible for Free Standard Shipping will display a free shipping message on the product information page:

Everyday Free Shipping with $49 order

      • Items that do not display this message are not eligible for Free Shipping at all.

Your order must meet the minimum purchase requirement for the offer.

      • Our Everyday Free Shipping offer has a $49 minimum purchase.
      • We occasionally have other shipping offers with different purchase requirements. For example:
      • These offers may require the purchase of specific products, or a different minimum purchase value.
      • These offers may also be available for a limited time or restricted to one use per household.
      • If you’ve received a special offer online or in your email, please read the offer’s terms and conditions to learn how to redeem it.

Order must be under 20 pounds in total weight.

    • Orders over 20 pounds will not qualify for Free Standard Shipping, and may be subject to a shipping surcharge.

If you are eligible for Everyday Free Shipping, it should automatically apply as you place your order. If you notice before completing your order that you are being charged for shipping, please make sure that the shipping method you have chosen is Standard Shipping, and that your order meets all of the requirements listed above.

If your order met the above requirements but you were still charged a shipping fee, please click here to send us an email, and include your order number in the form provided. We’ll review your order and respond as quickly as we can.